Gal Dahan

My name is Gal Dahan. I am 23 years old and I am an international student from Israel who studies at Cardinal Stritch University. I am a psychology major and play for the Cardinal Stritch University Women’s Basketball team.

I was drafted into the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) in March of 2016 as a Combat Fitness Instructor and was released in March 2019. Most of the females serve two years while males serve three. However, I decided to sign an extra year due to my job. I took the Combat Fitness Instructor course which lasted about three months. During the course, we learned how to train soldiers (IDF style.) This included learning about the human body and different types of practices and approaches. As part of my job, I trained more than 300 soldiers in different approaches and places like fields, gyms, and more. One important thing every soldier learns in the IDF is the fighting method – KRAV MAGA. Combat Fitness Instructors take a deeper course in KRAV MAGA in order to train and teach the soldiers how to use it.

KRAV MAGA is an Israeli fighting method developed by the IDF. The method relies on one's natural instincts and develops aggression and improved awareness to our surroundings. KRAV MAGA gives us a better, stronger, and safer way to defend ourselves (primarily with our body) against many types of threats. Because it is based on basic and natural movements, it is easy to implement the techniques in every person’s system which eventually leads to a better and quicker reaction against threats. It is not only important to learn KRAV MAGA, it is also fun and a great calorie burner! We will be "ZOOMING" Gal in to The Chasm (from Israel) to teach Krav Maga.  Just $5 per class!